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Translation prices

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Determining a price for one’s translation often tends to create a big dilemma in the translator’s world. Whether one should charge by word or by hour, should there be a minimum charge, should one charge by source or by target word are just a few issues translators have to deal with. For some translation projects […]

Translation agencies

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Translation agencies are mediators between translators and end clients. They usually offer legal, technical, medical or other professional translation services. Their main advantage is that their workface includes various specialists with translation experience in the most diverse areas, so they simply assign the job to the specialist with the appropriate skills. They cooperate with in-house […]

Translation quality

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Every translator undoubtedly bears ethical and legal obligations toward his clients. The client always expects that the ordered translation is accurate, professional and without mistakes. With the rapid advancement of translation industry standards have been developed that assure quality and serve for protection of both parties. Among the most important is the European EN 15038 […]

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